Excellere College Support Group

“The Excellere College Support Group exists to advance education by –

a) Carrying out all activities in line with the special Christian character of Excellere College.
b) Bringing about greater co-operation between the parents/caregivers/guardians, teachers, and the community at large.
c) Helping in the raising of funds, for the benefit of the students and the school.”

Over time, we have been fortunate enough to be able to provide, or help provide the school with many things which are over and above the allowed budget. It has been our pleasure and our joy to see these things around the school and know that we have helped out. Things like the junior school playground, fitness trail, T.V.’s in the classrooms, Chromebooks, Bibles for the classes, Mobilo and Lego and educational resources for the junior school, art aprons, Musical instruments, Art supplies, Science supplies, Artwork for on the Whare, etc.. We believe these things to be a great asset to our school.
We run Canteen on a Friday, we run the uniform shop, and in the past, we have focused on one major fundraiser each term, sometimes with a number of smaller ones throughout the year, too.
We love serving our students by providing them with Canteen. They seem to really enjoy it, and we like being able to be there meeting with the kids, and giving them something to look forward to each Friday.
We meet once a term, maybe twice if we are organizing a fund raiser. Our meetings are usually at 9am and last for about an hour. We communicate by email when necessary. We are a registered charity. We try to spread the work load so that no one is overwhelmed, and support each other in our tasks.
Please. Consider coming on board and helping us to make our school a better place. We need your help!!

For more information, please don’t hesitate to call me on 021 156 1493. Tania Browne, Chairperson

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