‘EV’s visit Excellere

20140410_144455_Great North RdElectric vehicles have been the the focus of recent technology and social science lessons this month and thanks to some friends with ‘contacts’ our student Judah Linton was able to experience riding in some very interesting vehicles.

20140410_144853_Great North RdTwo Nissan Leaf electric vehicles (E.V’s) were made available for student inspection and Q&A time thanks to staff from the Whangarei Council, North Power and JuicePoint.

Judah was given a short ride around the block for a ‘close up’ of the Leaf while a third vehicle was secretly brought from behind a neighboring building as an extra surprise…


Judah and Karen Linton

Initially surrounded by eagerly interested students, the new arrival was revealed in a parting of the water like event as Judah returned.

At $225,000 the race red  Tesla Roadster electric sports car is able to go from zero to sixty kilometers per hour in just 3.6 seconds.


Just a little faster than Judah’s s normal form of transport!

Students noted that the Roadster was so silent they had to ask Steve the owner driver if it was actually turned on!

“We certainly enjoyed the day immensely and were pleased to see a huge smile on Judah’s face…”  said Mark from JuicePoint.

“Thanks Judah for picking such an interesting inquiry project!”



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