Trash to Treasure

The Junior College are embarking on a garden art project where we are planning to use every day throw away items to create masterpieces to enhance the school environment.

We need: Small coloured container lids e.g. from juice bottle, milk bottles, fizzy bottles etc.

Please send these along to the school office or direct to Rooms 1, 2 or 5.

We also want to create a “Friendship Seat” for the Junior College. If a student finds themselves alone during break times they can sit on the seat, the rest of the students keep an eye out for anyone sitting on the seat and then invite them to join in with their game etc. So, if you have a garden seat at home that you are not using and it’s still in good nick and you are keen to donate it to a good cause please let the office know. We can arrange to have it picked up.

Our students will then come up with a plan how to decorate it and then undertake the completion of the project.

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