Friendship is a blessing

We were blessed with another great performance by the Excel School of Performing Arts on Thursday. Their national tour provides an opportunity to share the harvest of their efforts, and spread a positive Christian message with their audiences.

We congratulate Danielle Smith on graduating MEd (Honours) recently. Danielle had her focus on       culturally responsive pedagogy and looking at its place within Christian education.

Next Friday we are supporting Run4Bibles as part of our cross country. This cause helps provide Bibles for school children in South Africa. Please consider supporting your child in finding some sponsors for the race.

Friendship is valuable aspect of our lives, yet it can be the source of much angst. When we are young we often have many friends, and their company is often a major part of our life. As we grow older we refine this down to the few that we share interests with. Later we find that travel, family and work may dictate our friendship circles. In later life we look to those that have been with us through the journey, or find new friendships in our circumstances. True friendship is a precious blessing. To have someone that can share your life’s journey, to help you grow as a person is truly a gift from our Lord. To be a friend is an honour and responsibility. We must guide our children in this understanding and model what friendship looks like for them.


Graeme Whitehead, Principal


“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.”

Proverbs 27: 17 (NLT)


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