Godly parental responsibility

This week I finish my musings on the world our children inhabit, especially the digital aspect. My prayer is that I can remind you to pause and reflect on our role, as parents, in guiding our children through this world, their world.

Our seniors had their exams this week. We pray that their preparation was sufficient to assure success. With only two weeks left this term they are rapidly entering the final phase of their 2018 learning journey. We pray that they remain focused at this important time of year.

A group of our Year 13 students are off on Snow camp next week. This is always a wonderful experience for the students, and we pray for great weather and safe skiing on the mountain.

Harold, and the Life Education truck are here next week. This year’s programmes will focus on relationships, personal health and development, and healthy communities. We welcome back Nadine, who is presenting the programme.

We are getting a lot of interest from families who are looking to join our school next year. If you are   looking to enrol, or know someone that is, please contact our office soon to start the process. Although our maximum roll is now 230, the level of interest to date may see us reach this into next year, meaning we would need to start a waiting list for all new enrolments, until we get our maximum roll increased again.


Graeme Whitehead


“Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22: 6 (NIV)

Societal pressures 

The world of our youth is no more, replaced by the world of today’s youth. We often look fondly on the simpler days of our growing up. Our village was local, not global, and we played with our neighbours.  The world is no longer distant, and it is very loud for our children. It bombards them with expectations and idols. Fashion, language, music, games, instant communication all demand their attention. There is pressure to conform, pressure to interact, and pressure to keep up. These are busy times.

Remember we are the parents, with a God-given authority to make decisions for our children.

My questions to our parents are: How much time do your children spend in front of a screen, or playing outside? Do you encourage korero on what’s going on in their world? Are children praised for their   Godly giftings? Is their first place of sanctuary God’s Word and the love of Jesus?

Our children need our wisdom, experience and protection.


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