We are fertile ground for faith, hope and love

We are excited to announce some new staffing appointments for 2019. Meagan Kelly will be our new Middle College leader, with Tim Osborne joining her in the Middle College. Moselle Brown and Susan Brits will be joining the Junior College team, Moselle in Year 4/5, Susan in Year 2. We look forward to them bringing their gifts to share with our students.

Our annual community consultation digital survey will be coming to you on Monday next week. Please take some time to give us feedback on our goals for this year, and your thoughts on focus areas for 2019. This data will be used by the Board of Trustees to develop our 2019 Annual Plan.

Next Thursday our assembly will be honouring our students that are finishing their schooling journey.   We pray that their time at school has prepared them well for the future our Lord has for them. They are heading out into an exciting, changing world and we hope that they will be salt and light to others in God’s Kingdom.

As enrolments for 2019 continue to roll in we are reminded that we provide a different learning             environment than most schools. Our Christian foundation and values give our students a knowledge of the hope and love of Jesus, as they grow in His purpose for their lives.


Graeme Whitehead



“But the seed in the good earth—these are the good-hearts who seize the Word and hold on no matter what, sticking with it until there’s a harvest.”

Luke 8: 15 (The Message)


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