From Stuart Savage

As deadlines for assessments quickly near, I am reminded of the approaching term one end. With only a week left, I have to wonder to myself: “Where did the term disappear to..?” Time flies when you’re

having fun, right?  Nonetheless, the year 13s, student leaders and myself have been chipping away at our assigned leadership tasks to ensure that the year doesn’t go past without anything being accomplished! Sarah and I (head girl &boy) have been able to successfully delegate responsibilities across the leadership group, which increase productivity and hopefully enhance the student experience within our school.

The Whanau Leaders have had four meetings this term, where we have discussed issues, shared ideas and

assigned each leader their unique roles for the year. Some of these roles involve tasks like overseeing

lunchtime sports/activities, organise fundraiser events (e.g like mufti-days or 40 Hour Famine), and lead our Ball Committee. The Year 13 girls have also set out to organise this years “leaver jumpers” early, so we can wear them around school near the start of term 2!

Regardless of how busy we can get, however, I think it is very important to leave time for God to refresh us in our day to day. This has been a priority of mine, to ensure I do not fall victim to life’s stresses so I can

successfully ace my final year of school. I try to take anything that concerns me to Him, and I pray that you would too!

Yours sincerely,  Stuart Savage (Headboy)  P.S. – GO PARIHAKA


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