Kia ora

Welcome back to school!! I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather over the holiday break and managed to grab a few moments to rest and marvel at the awesomeness of this world that our God has created.  

Well, I have come to the end of my first week in Graeme’s role and I have to say that I have a newfound appreciation for all that Graeme does, has done and will continue to do as Principal here at Excellere. My brain feels very stretched. I have thought about adding  “L plates” to the office door, as I certainly feel like I’ve been given the keys to the family car for the weekend,  with strict instructions to bring it back without a scratch or scrape. I can tell you now that I’m driving very slowly, watching out for potholes, kerbs and following the 2 second rule!

So what’s been happening here this week?

  • Monday morning was incredibly exciting with staff and students settling into the new Science, Music, Art and Maths classrooms. What a long awaited treasure these learning spaces are to all of us. There are so many, many people who have worked tirelessly on the project; I won’t name them for fear of overlooking someone. I will use this forum however to express on behalf of my colleagues our thanks to all who have played a part in preparing the classrooms, with a very special thanks to WCET and our BOT.
  • Christian Reynolds; who now has an extreme dislike for vacuum cleaners and concrete grinders has worked furiously over the holidays to prepare the gym floor for the eminent installation of new flooring overlay. With the new flooring there will be some changes to the way students use and access the gym, in next week’s newsletter I will outline these changes.
  • On Wednesday I was privileged to attend a Principal’s day at Kingsway School and I met a number of principals whose schools, like ours, are blessed to have NZCPT as their proprietors. I was inspired by spending the day listening and learning from these school leaders who are truly passionate and dedicated to the cause of Christian education in our nation.
  • We welcomed Mrs Mary-Lynne Steel back into the staff family. I am thrilled that Mary-Lynne is teaching my class while I am in Graeme’s role. I know my students are in great hands and will be truly blessed by her care.
  • We also welcomed Mrs Deb Herbert, a student teacher from Bethlehem Tertiary Institute into our midst. I am certain that her time in Room 4 learning from a skilled teacher, such as the likes of Miss Moselle Brown, will be a valuable experience for her.

Hmmmm…. I wonder what next week will bring?!

God bless – Ma te Atua e manaaki – Nicole


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