Seek guidance from the Lord

Wet, wet, wet, dry, wet … Spring has sprung, and we are in that transition phase as winter blows away. Please ensure children have their school jumper/jacket, and a raincoat/umbrella if they are walking to school, or the bus, and rain is threatening. Starting the day wet is not pleasant.

Today I was meeting with Northland Christian Principals. This is our termly opportunity to fellowship,   korero and support each other across the north. There is much to discuss as the Government rolls out more initiatives, and we look to strengthen Christian education in Northland.

Our senior leadership team had another day, yesterday, planning for 2020 and beyond. This involves    balancing the complexities of: staffing, roll numbers, classrooms, subjects, timetabling, events, student opportunities, and the myriad aspects of running a school. Please pray that all the pieces of our jigsaw fall into place as God designs.

Next week our seniors will be sitting exams from Tuesday to Friday. These are very important not only as practise for next term but if, for some reason, a student cannot sit exams later in the year these results will count towards their achievement. Time should be used now, at home, to revise and refresh on the year’s learning. We pray that all our students are well prepared, and in a good space for next week.


Graeme Whitehead



“Many plans are in a man’s heart, but the counsel of the Lord will stand.”

Proverbs 19: 21 (NASB)


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