We all hunger for righteousness

Early in the week I spoke with our Senior College students on the expectations we have around their contribution to our school culture. I shared some of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, specifically our hunger and thirst for Righteousness, and our role as Peacemakers. Schools are a unique environment, with so many children together in one place for a sustained length of time. They are an emotional sea, always seeking balance to allow learning to occur. We look to Jesus, as our model, in the way we interact and treat others. I challenged them to be proactive in their interactions with others, and make their contribution to our school culture positive and uplifting.

I am excited by the plans for our 40th celebration next term, and looking forward to the Quiz Night fundraiser planned for April 2nd. Get your team organised and book a table, it will be a fun evening.

If you have any questions regarding NCEA  this year, please contact Mr Mackay at: ian.mackay@excellerecollege.school.nz


Graeme Whitehead



“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.”

Matthew 5: 9 (NASB

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