Year 7 Beach Safety

On Friday the 13th of March, Room 7 and some of Room 8 went on a beach safety trip to Ruakaka. We met the amazing lifeguards and were given a tour of the club. My group was led by lifeguard Rose and were first sent up to the tower. The tower was a tall building right beside the equipment shed that looked out over the whole of the Ruakaka beach. There were all sorts of warning buttons: one for shark attacks, one for tsunamis (of which one has never happened at Ruakaka beach) and a couple of others.

Next we were taken down to the equipment shed. The equipment shed held all of the lifesaving gear, an IRB, a ATV and a Jetski. The first aid room had a giant first aid pack that had a little more than a school sick bay , but a lot less than a paramedic.

In the afternoon we  got changed and went off to the beach. When we were down at the beach we played a couple of beach games. We had to go round an obstacle course and then into the water, and had to go over and then under life torp and then through a hoop and back round again.

We had a great time and would like to thank Mr Keyte and Mr Osborne for organising it, as well as the parents who came along to help on the day.

– Jaden Browne


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