Keeping ourselves, and our children, calm and informed

As Covid-19 changes the way we care for ourselves, and others, it is timely to reflect on how
our children see this pandemic. As parents, we must maintain a calm manner and keep our
children from getting overly anxious. We need to present the facts, as well as strategies that
can help to prevent catching the virus. Be wary of false reports circulating on social media,
as well as some news media. Children exposed to the non-stop news cycle discussing the
virus’ impact could become even more anxious.

Obviously, we are all reinforcing good hygiene practices, such as properly washing hands,
safe coughing or sneezing behaviour, and keeping distance between ourselves when sick.

Resources that may be helpful when talking with your children:
 Ministry of Education website (
 “How to explain coronavirus to kids” – Dr Michelle Dickinson aka nanogirl at
A podcast from SchoolTV which addresses how parents can share and communicate
with children during the Covid-19 outbreak and manage fear and anxiety for
children. It is a balanced and helpful parent guide to supporting parents in this
challenging time.
 The attached PDF with current advice adapted from “A Parent Resource”. National
Association of School Psychologists, 2020.

Be assured that we, as a school, are committed to providing a stable, caring learning
environment for our students, your children. We will be guided by advice from the Ministry
of Education, and Health and keep prayer as a vital aspect of our daily lives.

If your child is sick please keep them home, until recovered, then we look forward to their


Graeme Whitehead

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