In the coming weeks

Excellere College is closing today as the country goes into self-isolation. Our staff will be focusing on their families, and their time at home in the weeks ahead. We are all being asked to stay safe, and apart, until this virus can be halted from spreading. We pray for your well-being during this time and God’s love to help sustain you.

Staff have already set up some learning to finish off this week, and then we are into the two weeks of holidays. Term Two will now start after Easter and staff will be in contact before this with learning expectations and resources. School will not open again physically until we are directed by the Ministry of Education, so we must all be prepared for learning to continue at home for an indefinite time.

We will be providing distance learning, not an on-line learning environment where school is replicated at home. We do not expect you to be the teacher all day but to develop home routines to include time learning, time playing, time resting, time interacting, time praying, time for yourself. There will be basics that should be daily, and on-going study or projects that will be spread over time. Your child’s teacher will make these expectations clear next term. Please do not stress over what is not being done, but focus on supporting the learning that is available. Do not be afraid to initiate your own learning, as this is an opportunity for you to share your knowledge, experience and passions with your children. Stories are a powerful teacher, I encourage you to share yours, and listen to theirs.

As you will only have close contact with those in your home, you will need to create a loving, caring environment which remains calm and rests on the love of Jesus, and the Fruit of the Spirit. We must not let fear drive our response, so be sure to stay with the facts when talking about Covid-19 with your children. Misinformation, rumour and gossip will only feed the fear, and we need to be the light of Christ in our homes, and for others. This is not a time to place extra stress and pressure on our children, ourselves, or others.

Our office emails will be checked regularly during this time, and we are looking to continue with school newsletters next term. This will be something to look forward to, as we support our Christian community.

Although we will not be meeting in person for some time we are all connected through His Spirit and technology. Please reach out to this Christian community during your time in isolation. We are never alone, with Jesus by our side.

As we enter this new season, please keep praying, keep safe, love God, and love your neighbour.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”        John 3: 16 (NIV)


Graeme Whitehead


Excellere College

This email was sent: 1:20pm Wednesday March 25, 2020

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