Y11 Senior Camp 2020

Last week 11 students and 3 teachers departed from school, on our way to Mimiwhangata for our week long Year 11 school camp.

When we arrived there we found out we had to carry everything over a steep hill that looked like a mountain, that we only had a long drop as a toilet and a cold shower in the bush. However the purpose of the camp was to build relationships with the other students in our class, and to have fun.

Some challenges we faced during the course of the week included lots of rain, which unfortunately resulted in missing out on Mr. McKay’s Burmese trail. The rain also soaked our tents and most of our clothes so we had to be resilient and think of creative ways to keep things dry and us entertained during the bad weather. I feel like we learnt a lot and built many good friendships. We certainly also learnt to appreciate basic amenities like toilets that flush, enclosed showers in the privacy of a bathroom and comfortable beds to sleep in.

On behalf of all the Year 11 students who went on camp, we would just like to thank the three teachers who came with and made camp possible – Mr Mackay, Miss Hale and Mrs Kelly.

Their enthusiasm and caring made camp great! Especially Mrs Kelly’s mac n cheese and custard.

– Abby Fensham

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