Go in peace, with love

Today at our Leavers’ assembly we celebrated the season our leavers’ have spent with us, and blessed their exciting futures.

Next week most of our seniors will be starting their NCEA exams. For some it is their final test, for others a step into 2021. It has been a very different journey there this year, with the influence of Covid still about. We are especially proud of our students this year, and look to our Student Graduate Profile for the goals we had for them:

Being obedient to God’s Word, and displaying Christ-like character traits. Is Fruit of the Spirit what we see in your actions, and reactions to others?

Knowing that God has a purpose for you, and you are excited, and hopeful about this. Are you optimistic and hopeful for your future as you leave us?

Displaying servant leadership, contributing and showing love for others. Are you empathetic, and think of others as you go through life?

Demonstrating a wonder for God’s creation, and being responsible in caring for it. Do you appreciate the world we live in, and  look to make it a better place?

Having high personal aspirations, embracing change, and feeling equipped for the future.  Do you aim to do your best, and are able to  adapt to circumstance?

Exhibiting an enquiring mind, teachable spirit, and being responsible for your own learning. Are you seeking after truth, listening to wisdom, and taking the initiative?

Valuing yourself, knowing your identity, language, culture, and heritage. Do you believe in yourself, rest on Jesus for your identity, and know what has formed you?

Our prayers are for peace amongst the pressure of exams, and the presence of Jesus to be comfort to them all.


Graeme Whitehead


And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called to his purpose.”
                                                            Romans 8: 28 (NIV)


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