Freedom … and our true human potential

Our Year 7 and 8 camp, at The Farm, was a great success, with the weather helping our students get through the activities, and stay warm and dry. We thank our staff, and parent support, for providing this opportunity. Next week our Year 12 students head to the bush in the Tangihuas. With more settled weather on the way they are in for a wonderful experience in God’s creation.

I am today up in Paihia fellowshipping with the Principals from our Northland Christian schools. This termly hui is an opportunity to share and support each other in our roles. A focus this year is how we, as Christian schools, navigate reviewing and adapting our local curriculum to ensure our Christian special character is strengthened through our learning programmes.

The fifth of N.T. Wright’s “Broken Signposts’ that I will explore is Freedom. Worshipping God allows us to do the thing we most want to do, loved by God. True freedom is being free from the worldly choices which then take away our freedom, through sin and idolatry. As image-bearers we approach true human potential, a new kind of freedom, through Jesus.

“The desire for freedom is a God-given instinct implanted in all image-bearers. The God who made us wants us to be free.”  (p131)


Graeme Whitehead, Principal

“So if the son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”
                             John 8: 36 (NIV)


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