Senior Music Levels 1

Duration:                      Full Year.


Minimum of 2 year’s tuition in a chosen instrument to sit Level 1 performance.  Minimum of one year’s equivalent classroom training in aural skills and music theory is needed to complete successfully to Level 1 aural and score reading.

Course Description:    

Depending on prior experience and external results from previous year, students could choose to sit performance, composition, aural (listening) skills and fundamentals of music (score reading and theory) at Level 1. Students may complete a combination of different levels.

Due to the performance aspects of the course, each student should receive music tuition in their chosen instrument throughout the course of the year and commit to practising on a regular basis. All students should meet competency criteria in music performance and aural skills. (teacher will make the final decision based on class results.)

Additional External credits are available to students who have an extensive background in sight reading and/or music theory.


Course Outline

This achievement standard involves performing two pieces of music as a featured soloist. 

This achievement standard involves the demonstration of ensemble skills through performing a piece of music as a member of a group.

This achievement standard involves the individual and/or collaborative composition of two original pieces of music.

This achievement standard involves demonstrating aural and theoretical skills through transcription.

This achievement standard involves demonstrating knowledge of conventions used in music scores.

This achievement standard involves demonstrating knowledge of the musical elements and features of two music works from contrasting contexts.