Years 1 – 6

Students in Years 1 – 6 enjoy the structure and security of a single homeroom situation with their individual teachers taking them for the majority of their subjects. These include English/Drama, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Te Reo Maori, Art, Technology, Music, Physical Education and Health.

A major focus at this level is literacy and numeracy. These provide the foundation for future success in all learning areas.

Special attention is given to any student experiencing learning difficulties through Specialist Teacher and Teacher Aide assistance and support. Students who are achieving at a very high level are catered for through differentiation in the classroom.

The Junior College teachers work closely together in their planning and provision of an integrated learning environment and curriculum. Christian aspects are embedded within programmes and a morning devotions session provides a specific opportunity to focus on our Christian special character.

Parents are encouraged to partner with teachers in the learning process, and keep communication links open at all times.