It is the policy of Excellere College to require the ethical use the internet and connected device by all enrolled users as further defined below. A user is considered any enrolled member of the college. Legal action may be taken for any violations that are unethical and/or may constitute a criminal offence.

Privileges – The use of this site is a privilege, not a right. You will be assigned an account in the form of a username and a password. Access will only be assigned to those who, with a verifiable relationship to the school, have accepted this usage policy. Accounts are valid for the duration of their enrolment with the school. Furthermore for security purposes all your actions are logged for future reference.

Acceptable Use – Our goal is to supply information media that promotes innovative, educational excellence. Therefore your internet use must be in support of education, research, and communication, in line with the mission statement of Excellere College.

Unacceptable Use – The School does not condone or permit inappropriate internet use and has taken precautions to restrict access. However users are advised that the Internet contains much material over which Excellere College has no control and the school cannot totally guarantee that users will never uncover inappropriate material found in other websites.

If a user discovers inappropriate material, he/she must notify the site administrator immediately.

Inappropriate material is defined as material that is inconsistent with the School’s Special Character and advocates violence, or is illegal, defamatory, abusive, threatening, profane, obscene, racially or sexually offensive, or plagiarized.

Other unacceptable uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Acts of vandalism, including any malicious attempt to harm or destroy data of another user, or to do damage to hardware or software. (You may be billed for repair or replacement of damaged items at the schools’ discretion).
  • Use of another’s password is prohibited.
  • Each user is ultimately responsible for his/her own account.
  • Use or publishing of impolite or inappropriate language
  • The revealing of another user’s password, phone number, address, or age will be considered an invasion of privacy with appropriate consequences.
  • Encouraging or helping others to violate any of the above rules.