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Excellere College Orange Health & Safety measures to start Term Two, 2022 

Our aim is to minimise the possibility of any spread of the Covid virus amongst students and staff. The correct wearing of masks is our main tool for slowing any spread, and we ask that our families continue to respect our procedures and support us in providing a safe and healthy learning environment at Excellere College. These procedures will be reviewed, as guidance for schools is updated.


    • Carpark drop-off and collection line continues. Please park if you need to get out
    • Whare/office – sign in, 1m spacing, mask worn please
    • If you need to visit a classroom we encourage you to wear a mask
  • After-school students wait at ‘PE container’ end of the carpark (if it is not raining). Parents, do not pick them up until you are well into our safe zone alongside the Whare. We do not want children moving across the carpark at this time. 
  • Gym closed before and after school
  • Bus students to wait in the Library, after school
  • Parents please drive slowly and safely around our carpark, watching for children at all times.


  • If a child is obviously sick, or is displaying any symptoms, please keep them home (this is not just for Covid). Parents may be called to take sick children home (with RAT)
  • Masks will be provided for students in our sick bay, as a protection for others
  • Masks recommended/encouraged in all classrooms from Year 4 up (Frequent breaks outside)
  • Doors/windows open for better ventilation
  • Sanitiser, disinfectant available in all rooms
  • Soap available at all sinks
  • Extra vigilance in cleaning (surfaces, handles, etc)
  • Isolate, at home, for seven days after testing positive or as a household contact.


  • School assemblies, in the Gym, can be held, with parents able to attend (mask encouraged)
  • Buses will be operating as normal, sanitiser on-board. Age 12+ need to wear a mask.