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I am from the future

We had an earthquake drill yesterday. This was an opportunity for staff and students to practice their Drop, Cover, Hold routine, then gather outside safely. Although earthquakes are rare in Northland we need to be prepared for such an emergency. It was a successful evacuation of all our buildings.

Arise church, next door, is nearly ready to start using their new building. This means the old one will soon disappear. They will be demolishing it, and resurfacing the area as a carpark. We will still have the use of part of this as our court area. From August 30th they will be removing asbestos from the old building. We have a copy of their detailed Management & Safety Plan, and have been assured that there is no risk to us during the two week removal job. The building will be sealed during the job, and all materials also in sealed bags.

A recent read “Beauty will Save the World’ by Brian Zahnd shared the idea that we are from the future. Not the Marty McFly kind, but the concept that we know how the story ends, with Jesus’ return, and the earth restored as a new creation. We have been shown, through Jesus, what the Kingdom will look like. We have been invited to live in the Kingdom now, not wait for His return. In Luke 17: 21 Jesus said, “ … For behold, The kingdom of God is in your midst.” So, our challenge, as followers of Christ is to be active in God’s story, to play our part in growing the Kingdom, through our attitudes, values, behaviours, words, and actions. To share the love of Jesus with all.

Graeme Whitehead


Graeme Whitehead


‘For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.’

 Ephesians 2-10 (NIV)