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Note to Excellere College community

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

  Romans 12: 12 (NIV)

As we live through the second day of this Level 4 lockdown, I want to encourage you all to press into the Lord at this time. Like last year, we do not expect parents to become teachers and encourage you to use the time at home to build relationship, and do things together as a family. This may mean throwing a ball around outside, a board game, watching on-line sermons, baking together, outside jobs, reading together, or helping with home-learning. Keeping home calm is the aim… 

We are all waiting on Friday to find out whether the lockdown will be extended, or alert level changed, and if this does happen we will be in touch to let you know our plans moving forward. With last year’s experience staff are prepared to return to a distance-learning environment. They will be supporting our students to continue their learning at home through our digital contacts. Zoom will be our format for on-line teaching in the Senior College, and google classroom will be used to update students on our expectations. 

Graeme Whitehead

We are awaiting advice from the Ministry of Education on accessing the school site, and being able to get Chromebooks home for distance learning. This may mean setting up a system for parents to collect them, drive-through style, from school. As soon as we know more we will let you know. 

As we look upon a world struggling to cope with this pandemic we always need to remind ourselves of the hope we have in Jesus. Despite ‘creation groaning’ we must remember that God’s Kingdom is amongst us already and we have a part to play in His story. Love God, love your neighbour. Look after yourselves, those you love and those you don’t know. We are all God’s children, and He loves us all equally. 


Graeme Whitehead