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We have no fear, in Jesus

This week we moved to Level 2, and welcomed back our students to school. Procedures are the same as back in March, with plenty of sanitiser around, stop-drop-and go in the carpark, and an awareness of appropriate hygiene. It was great to hear the happy buzz of friends reconnecting, and staff back in the zone. We had 90% attendance for our first day back, which is fantastic. We now have only three weeks until the holidays, and this will be a busy time of catching up and consolidating lockdown learning. Our NCEA students need to be very focused at this time as they prepare for our exam week, complete internals and look to NCEA exams now beginning late November.

Thank you to our parents for their patience in our carpark after school. This is always an area that requires special awareness. Please wait until you are alongside the Whare before you open the door for your child. This keeps them off the carpark itself, and keeps the line of cars moving. This line can stretch out to the road and it is important it is not held up by cars picking up children along the driveway. We will maintain this process through Level 2.

Jesus’ response to fear was to remind us to trust God, rather than falling into worry and anxiety. When we value other things above God we prioritize them instead. By aligning ourselves with God’s values we will be better able to understand the important things in life and live out our God-given purpose.


Graeme Whitehead


“So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”    Matthew 6: 34  (NASB)