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Google Classroom Guardian Summaries Explained

We have been using Google Classroom to communicate with students and caregivers about learning at school and further learning at home. It is one of the many online tools used by teachers in their physical and now virtual classrooms. It allows us to set assignments, post updates on learning expectations, provide resources, establish deadlines & inform students about upcoming events.

Classroom has been set up to regularly email a ‘Guardian’s Summary’ updating parents & Caregivers of progress, deadlines and indicate learning that is overdue. These summaries are just that, summaries and they do not give you any more than the headlines!

Guardian Summaries can be received either daily or weekly depending on your preference. They can also be sent to multiple email addresses however you must accept the invitation when it arrives in your email. If you need support receiving Guardian Summaries please contact the school office. To read more about Classroom Guardian Summaries click HERE.

If you would like to see inside a Google Classroom you will need to ask your child to show you. Unfortunately because of the nature of Classroom we cannot give you your own access.

We hope this information has been of assistance.