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Note to Excellere Community


do not merely look out for your own interest, but also for the interests of others.” 

  Philippians 2: 4(NASB)

On Thursday Sept. 9th we reopen for learning at Level 2, and we are looking forward to welcoming back our students. We realise that some of you may be anxious about this return, however we will be doing all we can to provide appropriate safety measures at school. Please remind your children about expected hygiene around hand washing/drying/sanitising, and appropriate use of the elbow if they feel a cough coming on.

If your child is sick please do not bring them to school, as you will be contacted to organise to get them home immediately. 

The Government’s recommendation is that masks may be worn in schools from 12yrs up, but are not required. This is a personal choice, for you, your children, and our staff, and we respect individual decisions on this. 

Please ensure all Chromebooks are returned to school on Thursday. 

Following are the features of Level 2 at school: 



  • Carpark is a stop, drop and go zone. Please stay in your car


    • No visiting classrooms
    • Year 1 and 2 students can be walked to their classroom down the designated path (parents need to sign in)
    • Whare/office – scan/sign in, 2m spacing, mask worn please


  • After school students wait at ‘PE container’ end of carpark, if not raining. Parents, please do not pick up until you are well into our safe zone alongside the Whare. We do not want children moving across the carpark at this time. 


  • Gym closed before and after school
  • Bus students wait in the Library



  • If your child is sick please do not bring them to school. You will be asked to take them home


  • Sanitiser, disinfectant in all rooms
  • Soap available at all sinks
  • Drinking fountains are closed, please bring a drink bottle 
  • Paper towels are available in toilets
  • Extra vigilance in cleaning (surfaces, handles, etc) 



  • Buses will be operating as normal, driver masked, sanitiser on-board


  • Contact sports, and games will be limited
  • Senior College STP students can attend Academies, etc

Please drive slowly and safely around our carpark, watching for children at all times



Graeme Whitehead